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EDWGA Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Members (Home Club)

1976 Blossom McBrier (The Kahkwa Club)

1977 Sally Shickler (Lawrence Park GC)

1978 Rose King (Lake Shore GC)

1982 Lydia McBrier McCain (The Kahkwa Club)

1983 Jean Forsyth (Lawrence Park GC)

1985 Elaine Uht (Lawrence Park GC)

1990 Aurelia Englert Herman (Erie/J.C. Martin/Lawrence Park)

1994 Mary Ann Fessler (The Kahkwa Club)

1997 Pat Tatara Erie GC)

2001 Dottie Vassar (Lawrence Park GC)

2006 Carol Maxwell (Lake View CC)

2012 Georgiann (Turk) Hamilton (Gospel Hill GC,Lawrence Park GC)

2012 Susan Lefaiver (Erie GC)

2018 Maggie Goodall (The Kahkwa Club)