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Posted: June 21st, 2019

Results from the first 3 rounds of the 2019 EDGA Match Play Championship :


Drew Deimel def. Matt Barto 5&3


Drew Deimel def. Ted Grassi, III 3&1
Matt Barto def. Tyler Cozad 1up


Drew Deimel def. Rick Carlotti 6&5
Ted Grassi, III def. Dave Spitzer 1up
Matt Barto def. Alex Weir 4&3
Tyler Cozad vs. Jon Merriott 1up


Drew Deimel def. Ellery Tarbell 3&2
Rick Carlotti def. Rob Nicotra 2&1
Ted Grassi, III def. Mike Wolfe 3&2
Dave Spitzer def. Mark Majewski 3&1
Alex Weir def. Mike Capotis 2&1
Matt Barto def. David Hewett 4&3
Tyler Cozad def. Ryan Stadler 2&1
Jon Merriott def. Mike Garcia 1up, 19 holes


Drew Deimel def. Michael Machuga 7&6
Ellery Tarbell def. David Nichols 3&1
Rick Carlotti def. Levi Marsh 1up
Rob Nicotra def. Dario Cipriani 3&2
Ted Grassi, III def. Ryder Grignol 3&2
Mike Wolfe def. Shane Wills 5&4
Mark Majewski def. Ryan Ferry 2&1
David Spitzer def. Zach Allegretti 5&4
Michael Capotis def. R.C. Chase, IV 1up, 20 holes
Alex Weir def. Ron Richardson 7&6
David Hewett def. Ryan Peters 2&1
Matt Barto def. Dan Cullen 5&4
Tyler Cozad def. Shawn Wallace 3&1
Ryan Stadler def. T.J. Mitchell 1up
Jon Merriot def. Zach Henry 4&2
Mike Garcia def. Sal Vella 2&1

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