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First Junior Tour Standings Here.

Posted: June 23rd, 2018

Below are the junior tour standings following the first two events, week one at Lakeshore and week two, the two round Junior Stroke Play. Remember that each round of the stroke play is counted is it were an individual week so bonus points for top three are given out twice and your points accumulation may not reflect your actual finish in the two day event.

For those new to the tour, here’s a brief run down. Each week, you earn points based on your finish within your age group. These points are based on your place as well as the total number of players in your age group. Additionally, the top three finishers in the age group are awarded bonus points (15 for first, 10 for second, and 5 for third) Any ties in the top 3 leads to an even split of bonus points. So, if you were to finish first in your age group, and 10 golfers competed that week, you would receive a total of 25 points (10 for best score plus 15 bonus). Even if you finish last, you earn points. The top points getters for each age group are awarded a spot in the year’s end Tour Championship held at Kahkwa. The top 9 in the Boys 16 to 18 and boys 13 to 15 are invited, and the top 3 from the other three age groups. Total number of qualifiers is based on the total number of players for the year. Should the other three age groups get higher participation rates, we will increase tour qualifying spots. See the attached to determine your current position, and remember, there are two ways to get to the championship 1). playing in a few events but doing very well and accumulating bonus points and 2). playing in as many events as you can and gaining as many points as you can. Every week is a new opportunity. Good Luck. Junior Tour Standings 2018 after stroke play

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