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Spring 2004 Meeting Minutes

Wednesday March 10, 2004 at Lawrence Park Golf Club


David Hewett, President; Dario Cipriani, Vice-President; Ted Grassi III, SecretaryTom Bean, Jason Berchtold, Bob Boyd, Russ Brinker, John Carneval, Steve Crane, John DeMarco, Ron DiSantis, Chris Downey, Nathan Ferry, Don Fessler, Dave First, Bill Hogenmiller, Scott Jenkins, George Munro, Lou Natalie, Cal Neithamer, Bob Paris, Jordy Regan, Mike Rich, John Schaefer, Tom SimmonsGuests: Terry Teasdale, West Penn Golf Association

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by President Hewett at 7:10 p.m.

Approval of Minutes of Fall 2003 Meeting

Upon a motion by Cal Neithamer and a second by Ron DiSantis the minutes of the fall 2003 meeting were approved.

Secretary’s Report

Ted Grassi gave the secretary’s report, highlights include:

  1. The Secretary reminded the attendees of the change of address for the Association, PO Box 9563 Erie , PA 16505
  2. The Association received an informational letter regarding the 2005 Senior PGA Championship to be held at Laurel Valley for those interested in volunteering.
  3. Reminder: The USGA is conducting a handicap seminar April 28th at Lakeshore CC. More info is available from Terry Teasdale.
  4. A letter regarding the whereabouts of the Father & Son trophy was sent to past champions and member clubs asking for help locating the missing trophy. No info collected to date.

The Secretary’s report was accepted as given.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s was given by Ted Grassi in Ray Massing absence; the report included the following information.

Checking Account:          $202.29
Investment (CD)           $5267.26
Money Market Account      $3551.32
Total                     $9038.87

The Treasurer’s report was accepted as given.

Committee Reports

Course Rating- Bill Hogenmiller reported that his committee planned on rating JC Martin, Harbor Ridge, and Erie GC in 2004. Rules & Regulations – Dave Hewett will undertake a review and update in 2004.

2004 Schedule

The schedule of events for 2004, for the most part was finalized. There was a change in the Junior Stroke and Father & Son event for 2004. The Jr. Stroke was changed to a 2 day 36 hole event with an entry fee of $25. The Father & Son event will include a division for daughters and be conducted as a Father & Child tournament.

Unfinished Business

Tournament Committee– The executive board has created an operations guide for conducting a tournament. The guide was distributed to all tournament chairmen for use in 2004.

New Business

Harbor Ridge GC requested to become a member club for 2004. The request was approved by unanimous vote after a motion from John DeMarco, seconded by Tom Simmons.Dave Hewett in closing again advised that the West Penn GA would be conducting a USGA handicap seminar at Lake Shore CC on April 28, 2004 .The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. by a motion from Ron DiSantis, seconded by Cal Neithamer.

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